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40 Most Unbelievable Coincidences in the World! - getplaypk

40 Most Unbelievable Coincidences in the World!
#Mind Warehouse — Published 3 months ago
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Coincidences happen in everyone's life, and we're used to treating them as irrelevant incidents. Well, anything can happen, life is quite unpredictable. But sometimes these very coincidences turn out to be so amazing, funny or even shocking that you can't help but wonder if the matrix is failing. We...

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Mrs Veronika327
Mrs Veronika327 3:57 that is swedish text and im from sweden!
Billonaire Riches
Billonaire Riches I hope my numbers are a coincidence and I win th lottery
Groot t
Groot t I bet u r watching this with one leg on top of the other
hurting hearts
hurting hearts The coinsendence I never forget. When I came home and I see my husband lying on the bed with another woman. 😜
Sama Love
Sama Love Hey at a coincidence you watching this video the same time i am at work in your chair, its raining heavy,you are angry and also going through what you have written as the video is paused