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Film Theory: Attack on Titan's Biggest Mystery SOLVED
The Film Theorists — Published 4 months ago
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The Titans of Attack on Titan are an unusual sort - they don't follow the rules of giant sized beings like I talked about in my Ant Man theory. Why is that? What is making these Titans? Today Theorists, I aim to get a 'rise' out o...

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Regular Casanova
Regular Casanova I was not bready for this information but now my friends knead to know.
Конрад Дюселдорф
Конрад Дюселдорф It's called go read the fucking manga!
Xavier Francis
Xavier Francis HOLY SHIT
Eternal Darkness
Eternal Darkness In america
Titan eat you.
In Soviet Russia, you eat titan.
Will F
Will F So let me get this straight: The true enemy of a badass anime about humans fighting giant yeast.