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MISSIO - Three Thoughts...On Finding Identity
MISSIOVEVO — Published 7 months ago
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Missio - Three Thoughts on Finding Identity (Vevo Originals)

Inspiration can be fleeting and for MISSIO’s Matthew Brue, the more somber the source the better. “From an aesthetic standpoint people know me as darker personality and I don’t want to be a happy person,” he says. When Brue was under the influence of drugs, he saw through a prism that reflected an opaque outlook and mined that fog for songwriting...

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Xavier Bird
Xavier Bird This my form of AA like damn I appreciate everything you you guys have done out there keep up the good work
azfadel i wish i was there for yesterday' concert: you're both so amazing ! keep up with these blessed songs !
Cameron French
Cameron French Yeah.... I remember my first Tylenol
Aparesh Dey
Aparesh Dey I love you bro from India. I love your voice and your all songs .I know theses band is going famous in world. ❤
Joel Grohe
Joel Grohe Oh shit, that's the same how I feel about watching porn.
I think counting days won't make it better, you leave too much room for it inside your mind.
Rather than DON'T do this and this, DO other stuff, which will lift you up (like creating art).
Focus on the positive aspects of life and where your hope does come from (mine is God).
Whoever this reads, have a great day.
Greets from Germany