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MISSIO - Three Thoughts...On Finding Identity
MISSIOVEVO — Published 2 weeks ago
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Missio - Three Thoughts on Finding Identity (Vevo Originals)

Inspiration can be fleeting and for MISSIO’s Matthew Brue, the more somber the source the better. “From an aesthetic standpoint people know me as darker personality and I don’t want to be a happy person,” he says. When Brue was under the influence of drugs, he saw through a prism that reflected an opaque outlook and mined that fog for songwriting...

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Николаич 26 регион
Николаич 26 регион а вот я по русски скажу, вот эти вот два пидора - пидоры!!!
Strawberry Crazycake
Strawberry Crazycake I always love their honesty. We all have dark thoughts and while I haven't resorted to using any substances, I am suicidal. I've tried a few times, but I'm still here. And my issue is I have a very toxic relationship with my parents and like him I feel that if I leave I will be this happy go lucky person and I won't even know who I am anymore. And my art would suffer because of it. But also like he said we need to learn to be more vocal about our issues and I guess what I'm doing is just really suck at talking and I don't really have any friends, but I love your music and it really makes the dark times a little bit better. So thank you so much for that. 🙏💗
Kryssi Albulov
Kryssi Albulov Much respect ! My hero's! I'm in the "change" (if you will) myself.
Amanda Guest
Amanda Guest I love you guys so much! 💜 Huge fan!!!!!! 💜
Viviana Galindez
Viviana Galindez I LOVE YOU MISSIO!!!!