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MISSIO - Three Thoughts...On Finding Identity
MISSIOVEVO — Published 3 months ago
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Missio - Three Thoughts on Finding Identity (Vevo Originals)

Inspiration can be fleeting and for MISSIO’s Matthew Brue, the more somber the source the better. “From an aesthetic standpoint people know me as darker personality and I don’t want to be a happy person,” he says. When Brue was under the influence of drugs, he saw through a prism that reflected an opaque outlook and mined that fog for songwriting...

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cohy_pocrit HOW DID I MISS THAT VIDEO?!?!?

can't stop admiring their looks tho
►MłКu ŦФЯ ШΛłŦu】♥
►MłКu ŦФЯ ШΛłŦu】♥ You guys are honestly amazing. People can always relate to songs, but how often can they relate to the people that make them? You are unique
grecia arvelo
grecia arvelo Tnaks, you guys. I was really deep in a dark place and yours songs always were a catharsis element...
Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster This means more to me then you know! You helped me!!
Paul Grzymkowski
Paul Grzymkowski “I can’t get enough
Too high to get up
I keep fucking up my life
with Rad Drugz”