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Hearthstone: What is Big Rogue Winrate? - getplaypk

Hearthstone: What is Big Rogue Winrate?
Dane — Published 5 months ago
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Wild Hearthstone What is Big Rogue Winrate?

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Dane Newer list

# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone
Friyaz I played Mech Hunter from 20 to 5, losing only 6 games. It was very brainless and now I get to play fun decks like these :)
Larissa Auto
Larissa Auto how do i copy the deck to my clipboard using mobile?
Daniel Schweitzer
Daniel Schweitzer Can someone explain the use of the scheme in this deck? It's usually a dead card in my hand, I can't find a good use for it and don't understand the inclusion.
Simon Harte
Simon Harte Dane why don't you just use a deck tracker? There you would see all the winrates of all your decks.