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Brynn Elliott - "Tongue Tied" Live Performance | Vevo - getplaypk

Brynn Elliott -
Vevo — Published 5 months ago
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Brynn Elliott - Tongue Tied (Live Performance)

Some parents keep their kids on a limited amount of TV per day. With Brynn Elliott, it was the radio. As a child, the singer behind "Might Not Like Me" was addicted to the pop station of her native Atlanta area, and had to sneak listening time after curfew hours. Looks like she picked up plenty of pointers. With a knack for catchy melodies and insightful lyrics, Ellio...

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Tyler Tbonez-Johnson
Tyler Tbonez-Johnson Never heard of her but my daughter heard this when an ad popped up and I thought she sounded good, girls got one helm of a voice 😎👌
rborsibor What voice you have Brynn...Congratulations for that!!!!!!!
Kaylla Geronimo
Kaylla Geronimo 😍😍😍 I LOVE BRYNN SO MUCH!
Caro Jimenez
Caro Jimenez shes so amazing
angelique it’s artist like her that deserve to have more recognition 💗