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How T-Series Conquered Youtube
Coffee Break — Published 4 months ago
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There's more to the new Pewdiepie than meets the eye. T-Series's growth is about more than good content. Finding the truth takes us on a geoYoutubical journey, helping us better understand worldwide politics, entertainment and nationalism vs globalism.

on a personal note: this video took countless hours researching, editing and crafting to get the narrative right. So if you appreciated it, you can hugely help t...

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Coffee Break
Coffee Break Here before Game Theory stole my theory that was loosely based on their theory.
PiCkLe RiCk
PiCkLe RiCk I dont hate t series nor like them
So ye
PiCkLe RiCk
PiCkLe RiCk Sub bot
Gaming Reign YT
Gaming Reign YT Dont try to save t gay to Pwediepie cuz it wont work asshole
ALemonYoYo Well T-Series is a company sooo