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How T-Series Conquered Youtube
Coffee Break — Published 6 months ago
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There's more to the new Pewdiepie than meets the eye. T-Series's growth is about more than good content. Finding the truth takes us on a geoYoutubical journey, helping us better understand worldwide politics, entertainment and nationalism vs globalism.

on a personal note: this video took countless hours researching, editing and crafting to get the narrative right. So if you appreciated it, you can hugely help t...

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Coffee Break
Coffee Break Here before Game Theory stole my theory that was loosely based on their theory.
BMT115 Pew die pie wins by default, a private one man owned YouTube channel. T series doesn’t count as a channel because the content they produce is just a publishing company. No soul, just raking in money.
GankingMid Bots
Seeker I was on the side of PewDiePie from the start but time passes by and I bacame the supporter of T series.

So firstly it was PewDiePie starter joking about India. It was all normal.

Then he stated that 'If you make account in India then you are easily subscribed to T series’

Really? I mean at what length you can go to degrade something. You have to act like you don't care but everyone cares if they are gonna be no.2 from no.1. PewDiePie was spreading fake news and what really surprised me is that his fanbase even believed it.

I was still on the side of PewDiePie and then diss track came. Some people were offended by lyrics which said our language sounds like mumble rap community and called himself “blue eyed white dragon” and Indians “dark magician”. Some people are surely gonna get offended. I was still on the side of PewDiePie.

H3H3 was shit, is shit and will be shit. Their YouTube career will end in a year. It's not because they bashed T series and India but it's because they are very consistent in being dumb illiterate douchebags.

Then I started checking tweets regarding this battle and every third comment was like 'nuke India' 'India is great in only at population and meme collection' 'We want Kim joeng to bomb India’ and many more tweets saying how trash Indians are and all that. I f*ckin lost my shit there. I felt like I don't want these racist 9yos to win. It's been enough now. We have been very good at taking jokes but now just STFU. T series will win over PewDiePie.

You 9yos are saying PewDiePie was just making a joke. Don't be offended. Well remember the time when you all get offended over Jake Paul and made his song second most disliked. You were very good in taking diss. Right?

I don't care if the T series is using Sub bots or not. I want it to win. It was pew Vs T series but thanks to all of you it has become India Vs World.

It's been enough bashing Indians. 9yos have become racist towards India and they don't even know it.

And stop writing Tgay in live stream. It's 2018, and you are using 'gay’ word like it's wrong and degrading. It's enough to show how low you think and how shitty your mentality is.

And here comes the double standard of PewDiePie. I remember he once made fun of the youtuber because he was donating money to twitch streamers. Now PewDiePie is thanking those type of YouTubers(mr.beast) because he is helping him. So hypocrite.

Go make meme so that PewDiePie make millions out of its review without giving you credit.

A Half Assed Username
A Half Assed Username I don't know why you put 1791 in at 4:44. Their content is well produced, but it's still Alt-Right bullshit.