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What They Don't Want To Tell You About Lamelo Ball - getplaypk

What They Don't Want To Tell You About Lamelo Ball
JxmyHighroller — Published 6 months ago
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Rakim362 Basically he is carefully cherry picked where to play, carefully avoiding any defense or any real competition
Soul Brother
Soul Brother James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, the dude from the Allstate commercial and Jxmy Highroller. Sometimes I forget the story is about basketball, it's like I'm waiting for the part were Lamelo ends up on drugs, lives 8 months on Skid-Row and is now reviving his basketball dreams (slow motion images of him shooting imaginary jump shots into a milkcrate nailed to a tree). JXMY YOU KILLING IT BRUH!
jayco tv
jayco tv It's because he lost his hair😥🤣
Richard Wood
Richard Wood Every seat a wooden stool. EVERY SEAT!!!!!!
Bryan Simmons
Bryan Simmons There comes a point in which your talent isn't enough to overcome your headaches/shortcomings/etc. People are tiring of the entire Ball sideshow.