Serena Williams: ‘I want to build an even stronger legacy now’ | Tennis - getplaypk

Serena Williams: ‘I want to build an even stronger legacy now’ | Tennis
ESPN — Published 4 days ago
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Serena Williams is a tennis champion, a fashion icon, a lightning rod, and now, a mother. The Undefeated’s Kelley L. Carter examines the highs and lows both on and off the court during an emotional 2018 for the all-time great.

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Alavini Lata
Alavini Lata Cant wait to see her in the AO and Indian Wells.
Pumped Adolescent
Pumped Adolescent She should call for a retirement after that controversy surrounding her stupid hissy fits!
Onyeka Serena has never received illegal coaching, ever. Not in a single moment of her entire tennis career. Anyone who's a longtime tennis fan, who actually watches tennis and has followed her career since she burst onto the tennis scene in the mid 90s, and isn't merely forming unfair, erroneous conclusions smearing her character having only watched the US Open Women's Tennis Final 2018, knows this. No matter how you may feel about her, hate her, love her, whatever, you know this as well as I. Serena Williams is not a cheater.
Onyeka Haters, begone!! Love you, Serena!! Good luck, boo ❤❤
NYCzora Serena is ready for major #24!!