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โ„— 2018 Big Loud Records / Tree Vibez Music

Released on: 2018-10-19

Producer: Joey Moi
Producer: Dave Cohen
Writer: Andy Albert
Writer: Michael Hardy
Writer: Jordan Schmidt

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Justin batchelar
Justin batchelar I bet you ain't got it on a bumper, or killed a copper a time or two. Man if you're thinking you're a better cuckhold buddy I've got news for you. My city' bigger than your city and I got a Bernie S. and Stalin sticker on my wall. Got a little more soy in my drawl y'all, I got a little more estrogen in my chaw. My car's lower emission than your car and my dealer has just a little more weed. You might think that you're Communist but I'm Communister than you. I'm Communister than you.

[USSR National Anthem kicks in]

Yeah I'm down with the sound of a Communist dictator raising hell killing Michelle in a white genocide. More cum on my brow at the end of the day so needless to say... My city' bigger than your city and I got a gold membership to Starbucks on my wall. And I ain't trying to talk no smack it's just the facts y'all.
Maria's Daddy This song is funny, I love it ๐Ÿ˜‚
Nomadic Adventures
Nomadic Adventures Did you know now if you type in red... neck... As a single word. Google Tube declares it hate speech by stereotypical names that doesn't fit today's so called society. Try it. They'll remove it.
Zee Coolestone
Zee Coolestone Whats great about this song is that it works on both levels. If you take it serious, it's good.
If you see it as a reminder to all the pretenders that they ain't foolin everbody, it's even better.
BRANDON SAXTON this is my new song that i like it's the best itt macks me feel soooo good