New Indie Folk; March 2017 - getplaypk

New Indie Folk; March 2017
Indie Folk Central — Published 3 years ago
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Indie Folk Central
Indie Folk Central Enjoy y'all 😄

This is my first video that I created with Adobe After Effects! I still got a lot to learn when it comes to creating videos, but I'm glad that I'm finally using After Effects :) Hope you like the video, but more important; I hope you enjoy the songs I selected! Please check out the description to find out more about the featured artists!

Hope you're digging these tunes! 🤙
Daniel555 Viva indie folk central :D
PowaN44b COARL?! CORAL?!
bettyblue2206 Love it so much !💙💕
Alexandre Oliveira
Alexandre Oliveira Show, bom dmais, delicia de musicas! 🎶