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Thompson Square - Masterpiece
Thompson Square — Published 3 weeks ago
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Thompson Square - Masterpiece (Official Music Video)

Some men spend a lifetime
Trying to somehow leave their mark
Waiting and waiting
A grand inspiration to spark
To leave behind something remembered
Something everyone has heard of
Some people build it
Some people paint it
And some people do it with love
Shakespeare sure knew how to write down

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Sharron O
Sharron O'Brien Just love it. Great song. Love that its filmed in Miami makes the video so much more special.
Loyd Biggers
Loyd Biggers I've been a fan from the beginning. It tell you guys every song you make is like you pulled it from my heart and sang it for me to tell my wife. I finally scored a meet and greet cant wait to meet the both of you. Wife and I are fans. Me probably more, I'm the more emotional one. Man I have to say it has to be awesome to wake up with your spouse write awesome music and get to sing it to each other AND THATS WORK!!!!!YALL MAKE IT LOOK EEEEEASY!!!! See you guys soon I hope. Be Blessed and Safe.. KEEP SINGING FROM THE HEART
Nate M
Nate M Another great song from our favorite married country music duet. Thank you once again and the the little one is adorable.
Elly Yuen
Elly Yuen Wow! What a beautiful written song!! 😍😍
joeyD f
joeyD f amazing harmonies...I've missed you guys.
How about some acoustic stuff, just the two of you a guitar and one mic?!