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10 Best Super Bowl Commercials 2019
Dalibor Truhlar — Published 4 months ago
Likes: 46, 275 — Dislikes: 2, 427
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I put together ten commercials from the 2019 Super Bowl which I think were the best. I have to be honest, this year I didn’t enjoy them as I normally do, their quality and entertainment were not as good as usual. So I included what I liked, leaving out some of the famous commercials the media was talking about like Amazon/Alexa with Harrison Ford, Pringles, Michelob Ultra, Bumble with Serena Williams, Stella Artois, NFL, Pam...

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Ariba Arsentino
Ariba Arsentino Song at 7:36?
Uncle zul
Uncle zul Best commercials ever!
Aphy Hentai
Aphy Hentai Ad 10 is a shit.. just for get 10 min video.. you put a 11.. the 11 should be the 10 in the video.. dislikes..
Lucas NewmarkRamirez
Lucas NewmarkRamirez that veterans commercial's voice was by john krasinksi
Candace Nelson
Candace Nelson Can someone help me out with the name of the woman who ordered a coke in the begining. I KNOW I've seen her before