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Players Who Couldn't Stand Michael Jordan
Grunge — Published 2 weeks ago
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Just about everybody was a Michael Jordan fan in the '80s and '90s. He was a champion on the court and he got lots of good publicity, including funny ads and a role in Space Jam! But he could be pretty unbearable to play with. Here are players who couldn't stand Michael Jordan.

Charles Barkley | 0:15
Robert Parish | 1:25
Muggsy Bogues | 2:24
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar | 3:03
Will Perdue | 3:52

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Grunge Can you name any other players who had no love for Jordan?
Thanos Infinity
Thanos Infinity M J only fight white boys he didn't have the heart to throw knuckles with those black players. Think about it M J having to show up to a live game with a swollen face and a couple of teeths knocked out our get laid out on national tv.
George Barclay
George Barclay larry bird shot jordans dad lolololol
JBSptfn Parish should have also said this to MJ: "I earned my rings in a league that wasn't watered down, you bi***!".
Jason Smith
Jason Smith But I’m sure Muggsy been called that his whole life playing basketball lol