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Little Mix - Glory Days - Album Review
Spectrum Pulse — Published 3 years ago
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For my 664th review, I discuss Little Mix's wildest stab at pop yet.

Best Songs: 'Touch', 'Private Show', 'Your Love', 'Nothing Else Matters', 'No More Sad Songs'
Worst Songs: 'You Gotta Not'


To skip my preamble, go to 2:25

Text review of 'Glory Days':

My first ever full-le...

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Blastoff2moon Why the hell do you acknowledge artists like these ?
Matthew the Sylveon
Matthew the Sylveon This album is going in the correct if LM want to stay in Pop.

Production Wise, The Album was done really well. Down ‘n’ Dirty & Power could have done without the beat drops. Same with the recent “Dear Lover”.

Other than that, You Gotta Not has very meh production, Freak was way to messy and Beep Beep’s production was trying to hard to be an A.D.I.D.A.S 2.0.

Vocally the girls are at their prime:
* Perrie shines in Power’s opening, demonstrating her incredible range
* Jade shows off her incredible vocal control in F.U & Power
* Leigh-Anne sounds extremely soulful in Your Love, as well as had great high notes in both Your Love and If I Get Way
* Nobody Like You was able to show off Jesy’s insane emotional delivery

Lyrics, the album was mixed, You have a very vulnerable Nobody Like You, F.U being on a toxic relationship, No More Sad Songs unique take on a break up anthem and Nothing Else Matters empowering feel despite just being a love song.

Then you have the stinkers, Like Touch with its very questionable lyrics, Power not wearing its girl power that well and You Gotta Not and it’s overly obnoxious lyrics
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande 7/10

Best Songs: 'Touch', 'Private Show', 'F.U.', 'No More Sad Songs', 'Nobody Like You'

Worst Songs: 'Down & Dirty'
Vathnea Toch
Vathnea Toch i think the production and composition and arrangement is their best but lyrically their worst(its not bad just they have better ones)
Lil lamppost
Lil lamppost I honestly hate this band