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20 Things Only Adults Notice In The MCU
CBR — Published 4 months ago
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The Times That Prove The Marvel Cinematic Universe Is Not Just For Kids

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In what’s now known as the ‘Platinum Age,’ the pre-Superman early days of comic books, they were largely collections of daily comic strips, earning them the nickname ‘funny books.’ Even after Superman, in the early stages of science fiction, which superhero...

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New Outlook Inc
New Outlook Inc go to at 1:25 for the thumbnail
Damaged Goods
Damaged Goods You were wrong about the premise of Ant-Man.
Jordan Mewling quim means "crying cunt"

Now you know
SepticStache Man, I missed so many of these coz the only way for me to watch most of these movies is to watch them in German and these lines just don't translate well :/