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TOP 10 Sneaker COLLABS of 2019 So Far
Seth Fowler — Published 3 months ago
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What is the best sneaker collaboration of 2019? Let’s find out! Today we’re counting down the Top 10 Best Sneaker Collabs of 2019! These collaborations include the Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott, Bodega New Balance No Days Off, Sacai x Nike and more! Comment below your favorite collabs of 2019 so far!

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mel saint
mel saint They all look the same! Only idiots fall for this
mel saint
mel saint Fear of God
jason moser
jason moser the tail is based on the 'geta'. Do a little bit of homework.
SUPER D2001 Im not hatin', but I keep looking at his shirt, and I keep thinking that looks Shit stained lol 😂, god thats a really ugly color combination
Tommy H
Tommy H The ld waffle is the shoe of the year