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Top 10 Best Singers 2018 on World Talent!
MusicTalentNow — Published 1 month ago
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Top 10 Best Singers 2018 on World Talent!

10. Makayla Phillips - Warri...

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Kaley MacLellan
Kaley MacLellan I hope everyone has a amazing day!! I hope you understand that many people love you and you are not alone in this world. Let god be in you scarred heart.

Read this and it will hopefully make you feel loved because trust me you are.
Noice Lice
Noice Lice Look at the subtitles at 3:29...
This Is An Alias
This Is An Alias I feel like if you’re on America/Britain’s got talent you should write your own songs. SO many people have decent voices (which is pretty much what most of them have), and the show just gets plagued with singers.
Chaz S
Chaz S So you put the trannies into this even though they didn't sing that well. Equal rights taking over to where even if you aren't good people feel sorry for you and put you at the top
Michelle Padilla
Michelle Padilla the last lady was amazing Oof everyone just started clapping