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The Rollable OLED TV: The Potential is Real! - getplaypk

The Rollable OLED TV: The Potential is Real!
Marques Brownlee — Published 6 months ago
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A rolled-up TV in a box seems pretty weird at first... This is dope tech with potential! This is the LG OLED TV R.

Alternate title - The LG Rollable OLED TV: March Rollout? ๐Ÿ˜ต

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Daniel Cocirla
Daniel Cocirla How is "rolled all the way down" a mode ?
gurustyleacmilan This is the future.Lg is the best on tv's.Sammy,Sony and other companies are too far behind.
Jason B
Jason B Im not impressed . I want a tv so thin i can hang like a poster. With bluetooth 10.0, wireless 8k signal transmission and wireless electricity power. Until miss me with this fuckin worthless piece of shit garbage. Basically the same shit as laser disc.
Sauce Mโ€™geeser
Sauce Mโ€™geeser 1980 Zenith Space Command: Am I a joke to you?
Tech Centric
Tech Centric Anyone from the AirUnleashed Video?