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Difficult Decisions With C'Thun Rogue
Dane — Published 5 months ago
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Making some difficult decisions with C'Thun rogue

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Credit music "Get Back" Youtube Library

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Вячеслав Надточаев
Вячеслав Надточаев потная катка
Silvano Vianna
Silvano Vianna Does anyone has this list?
Atikin Were i can find code of this deck?
lEatchalk there were some tough choices there. And the fact that Dane were forced into those difficult situations while the big priest just plays like a braindead bonobo speaks to how "fun and interactive" big priest is. (I believe the big priest played lich king then traded purely because his 2 brain cells were focused on clicking and moving the mouse)
Mystery guy
Mystery guy Deck Code plz