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INTENSE FLAT STOMACH WORKOUT - 8 Minutes - getplaypk

Holly Dolke — Published 2 years ago
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Im so excited to upload my first YouTube video for you all. This is a quick flat stomach workout to do at home without the gym or any equipmen...

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Akasha Warner
Akasha Warner This video helped me I lost a lot of belly fat
Izzy Goheen
Izzy Goheen Omg I been watching going your videos for three months now I have a wonderful body like you but I do it every night but not Saturday and I'm still doing
Megan S.
Megan S. So basically, I’m motivated to do this workout cause I’m the only one in my friend group who wears loose shirts when it’s hot 🙃 I’m gonna try to update each day of my results

Day 1 ( 6/13/19): This exercise BURNS! 😭 but HIGHLY MOTIVATED CANT WAIT FOR TMRW
Day 2 : My body is sore ! I don’t notice any changes, but I can definitely feel it.
Day 3 : My body is less sore. Idk if I see any changes. I decided tho that i’m going to measure my stomach area. ( 31 inch. )
Justine carrington
Justine carrington I could see this workout giving you definition in your abs very fast. That is if you're relatively lean. I'm going to do this tonight it motivated me
babacramacream I’m going to be doing this for a week!!! :)
im a teenager, and I feel really uncomfortable workout out in the gym since many older people look at me and scold me for working out at a young age. I already have a nice body but I did get a little chuncky since I’m on vacation. So i want to get my body back and better!!! So I can be confident!! Wish me luck and I’ll update everyday

Day 1: I definitely felt the burn!!!!! I can feel it and I really think it’s gonna work :D

Day 2: I didn’t do it today because I felt sick. lady stuff ya know but once this is done or when I feel better again I’ll do it two times :)

Day 3: didn’t do it today cause ITS MY BIRTHDAY :3