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INTENSE FLAT STOMACH WORKOUT - 8 Minutes - getplaypk

Holly Dolke — Published 3 years ago
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Im so excited to upload my first YouTube video for you all. This is a quick flat stomach workout to do at home without the gym or any equipment.

I am not a personal trainer, this is just a huge passion of mine and I love sharing and sho...

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Bryan B
Bryan B She is so attractive. Love her thin frame. A beautiful sexy girl
Lady Red
Lady Red I've been doing this one for 6 days now, today is rest day. I'm kinda fat so I won't be seeing any flat stomach for quite some time. I however can feel my abs in a different way, I actually know that they are there now all the time which feels good, so right now I'm doing this vid combined with some of your other vids. I'm trying to strengthen my muscles so it will be easier to have control over them when I start with HIIT and other cardio exercises.
Right now I'm having a 3 month challenge since my boyfriend is coming in November, first time meeting and I'd like to get better, even tho he loves me exactly as I am, I'm the one unsatisfied with my body and he supports me😊 I really love your vids, I'm happy I found them.
Ivan Nastenko
Ivan Nastenko Если ты с первых секунд говоришь загадками и начинаешь "лечить" скорым будущем счастьем-ты разводила и п.....л! Догадался каких букв не хватает?
Travis Krause
Travis Krause She's got nice thick strong ankles very sexy on a woman hate skinny ankles on a woman and big feet a woman must have small feet for my taste!!!
عبده ناصر
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