Stephen A.: 'You've got to be crazy' to think anyone can surpass Kevin Durant | First Take - getplaypk

Stephen A.: 'You've got to be crazy' to think anyone can surpass Kevin Durant | First Take
ESPN — Published 3 months ago
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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman get fired up breaking down the possible candidates that could eclipse Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant as a better player in the 2018 NBA season including Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

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Tidus & Yuna
Tidus & Yuna I know everybody dislikes kd, but this is crazy lmao. None of those names are BETTER than KD. They are definitely on his tier, but no they are not better. KD does everything! He is a better scorer than any of those names. He doesn't rebound better than Davis. He's on the same level as the freak and better than the other names listed. He's not better defensively than Ad and kawaii. He on the same level as the Greek freak but better than the rest. He's not a better passer than Greek freak but he's better or equal to the rest. He's the better closer and the better ft shooter. Hes without a doubt a snake. He makes the better teammate. Kd is better than the rest but not by much.
fredmillerlove Max is trippin
Tracy Hallmon
Tracy Hallmon KD is good but i really believe if he is on a team where he had to be great then that team will not win a ring
Immanuel Bobby
Immanuel Bobby KD is free frim double-team
Cl0uD N9nE
Cl0uD N9nE This nigga suckin kd balls tf. He tries to blind with talk not facts. Kevin durant my ass, dude just named 4 thats super solid and anytime golden state plays giannis kd be movin out the way amd does not defend giannis well. Stephen always talks loud but never spits facts tryna make the folks believe that loud talk to sell his show