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Film Theory: All Your Memes Are DEAD! (Article 13) - getplaypk

Film Theory: All Your Memes Are DEAD! (Article 13)
The Film Theorists — Published 7 months ago
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They are coming for your internet. Who? The EU. They've come up with a copyright law that will change the way people use the internet F...

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Lizbet Ramirez
Lizbet Ramirez You small companies are 10x better no wonder U.K left the EU
Kawaii _Chan
Kawaii _Chan MatPat: You may have heard the words article 13
Me: we do not speak of that
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler How can we defeat article 13? There are two ways.
1) Diplomacy
Convince the owners if their content that they should let us use their content because of fair use.
Kill everyone who aproved article 13 until they take it down
Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller just move to the usa