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Shutdown Day 20: Trump Heads to the Border | The Daily Show
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah — Published 1 week ago
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President Trump defends holes in a border wall prototype and holes in his financial plans for the Mexico-funded barrier.

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critical Thinker
critical Thinker brainwashed liberals
critical Thinker
critical Thinker time to Pierce Morgan this piece SHIT. why don't you interview Alex Jones so he can rip you a new ass and throw you out of the country!
Christian Norman
Christian Norman People who don’t like trump don’t even know what he’s trying to do
If they did then they would support the wall
Stan Stan
Stan Stan TiT Titty  female Utter .... For , TAt, That...a racist word!!! Meaning you are wanting to trade Black woman's body ( Tit )for something of value "tat" (that) slick of bread!!! You Damn Racist Democrats!!! till trying to keep people of color, black,brown,, Latino,Mexicano,etc,  under your control.... Abe Linclon,( WHITE REPUBLICAN, MALE) signed the proclamation to free all slaves....let that soak in a few minutes. The Natives to this nation have still not gotten restitution for their Injustices  We own the indigenous people of this land much more respect! Man Up Black,Brown,Yellow,Orange, Tattoed or whatever your are.! Make the Native Americans Whole!!!! Fix the original Sins of your Fathers!
Soli Mary
Soli Mary So it okay to be racist to Hispanics now wow