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Film Theory: How To BEAT Michael Myers (Halloween)
The Film Theorists — Published 5 months ago
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Halloween is a CLASSIC horror movie - the granddaddy of the slasher genre. It introduced to the world the iconic Michael Myers. Who, when you think about, seems like some kind of SUPER human. That got me thinking, how does he ...

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat You could probably just pump a dog full of radiation and leave it out for Michael to eat. Man, he loves eatin' dogs.
That’s Impossible
That’s Impossible I love this Chanel and all but Michael would just use the stupid super strength Brake through the walls of the room or the door or just the machine
Rpg64ds Couldn't you drown him? He's still human.
Shaggy ZOINKS Micheal also uses a axe
Israel Filoteo
Israel Filoteo I know how to kill him chuck norris