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When Online Dating Goes Too Far - getplaypk

When Online Dating Goes Too Far
Studio C — Published 5 months ago
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When Online Dating Goes Too Far. It can be a thrilling feeling to swipe right on a guy or girl that you just might have that special connection with...but don't let that influence how you interact in real life!

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Studio C
Studio C Describe your soul mate in five words ❤️
Miscellaneous Shadow
Miscellaneous Shadow Some random girl from my High School has Tinder I happened across. And one of her pics on Tinder was a pick of me and her together. We weren't even really friends and I am NOT good looking. Still curious why she did that.
Test Subject 16
Test Subject 16 Anyone else notice the wrinkles on the background screen?
QwiK Clan
QwiK Clan or he lives with his grandma
Mari Gellerman
Mari Gellerman AND HE HAD A BIRD!
(I looked down and just realized there was a comment that was the exact same... Sorry 😐)