The Cowboys beating the Rams wouldn’t be an upset – Louis Riddick | NFL Countdown - getplaypk

The Cowboys beating the Rams wouldn’t be an upset – Louis Riddick | NFL Countdown
ESPN — Published 3 days ago
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Louis Riddick of NFL Countdown says the Dallas Cowboys have the perfect roster to defeat the Los Angeles Rams in the 2018 NFC Divisional Playoffs.

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Castle Floorworks
Castle Floorworks Whoever that old bimbo is she should lose her job clearly she’s retarded asf and does not know what she is talking about, please hire a female that knows football 🏈
Duane Walters
Duane Walters I wouldn't trade Jerseys. It's war when I see you again..
Kras 4
Kras 4 2 weeks ago Louis the critic Riddick stated the Bears would not only beat the Eagles but also be in the SB. Now he states it wouldn't call it a upset if the Cowgirls win. GTFOH with those whack ass predictions. Cows got dominated in the trenches. 2 RB's run wild all night long. Where were those so called all star linebackers? Take your arse back to Arlington and enjoy your participation trophy. Dallas is a joke in January, always have been for 20 years. Media tries hard to make them relevant.
Chris Givler
Chris Givler Love seeing these experts and their analysis be completely wrong. Crushed Zeke, ran over that amazing Cowboy defense, no sacks allowed on Goff.
Gus Gonzalez
Gus Gonzalez Well guess what we lost