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Illenium - Three Thoughts on Addiction
IlleniumVEVO — Published 1 week ago
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Illenium - Three Thoughts on Addiction (Vevo Originals)

“Addiction is fucked. It makes you fall in love with something that can’t love you back.” ILLENIUM comes by his opinion the hard way. The famed producer/DJ, whose real name is Nick Miller, has struggled heavily with the impact of drug abuse. Last year’s “Feel Good” reminded listeners that we all need to rely on each other during personal crises. B...

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Freestyle Ash
Freestyle Ash After I broke my addiction, i bought ableton the next day...
Devin Perreault
Devin Perreault Growing up I was never able to love myself and be happy for the last 3 years musics been my way of coping, listening to the lyrics and feeling what you felt but in a different way. To me musics everything now it helps with everything and we can't thank the artists enough. But for you illenium I'll see you at bass ships in a couple weeks
Us3r Died
Us3r Died 👏👏👏illenium music will live for milleniums.
SPACE DOG LUL respect bro
Arkapravo Ray
Arkapravo Ray Then he bought ableton the next day.