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Mike Posner - Three Thoughts on Inner Happiness
Vevo — Published 3 weeks ago
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Mike Posner's Three Thoughts on Inner Happiness

"I just wanna unwind everything that makes me feel confined," sings Mike Posner in his new video for "Song About You." That thought kind of parallels the POV that the "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" singer put forward in our exclusive interview with him. Part of our 'Three Thoughts' series, this latest chat finds Posner explaining how crucial it is to reinvent yourself ever...

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DoorsAreNice post malone has got a new homeless friend
Deanna Divine
Deanna Divine Love ❤️❤️❤️ best best best thing I’ve heard in a LOOONG time!
hoyboy19 Ugh i hope he's ok tho
Syed Taimur Shah
Syed Taimur Shah For those who want to be happ(ier)... please do charity and get involved in good genuine causes. It will keep you miles away from depression and you will feel amazing. Too much money messes you idea of a satisfied life.
Syed Taimur Shah
Syed Taimur Shah I have realized in 34 years of my life that the less money i have the more happy i become. I feel light, unattached and extremely free. I eat better, i sleep better and i just feel more closer to earth.