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The New Cache
3kliksphilip — Published 1 month ago
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Thew new Cache is out! Here is how it compares with the previous version.
Check it out on the CS:GO workshop -
And see a dedicated comparison video of the 3 different versions of Cache here:

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more sh9t
more sh9t its safe to say that i can no longer play this map due to lack of power my pc has.
Ms. Cynical
Ms. Cynical It’s really cool looking but I still think it’s too yellow. It feels less radioactive overgrowth and more tropical jungle
Jean Looks great, now all we need is Source 2
SuBi At t spawn, if you jump onto the fuel truck then onto the corner of the phone booth. Can see the head of people in ct mid window...
HillBilly Cletus
HillBilly Cletus 4:15 Activate "Do not disturb" mode