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G-Eazy & Halsey - Him & I (Official Music Video)
GEazyMusicVEVO — Published 2 years ago
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Paul Gullage Jr
Paul Gullage Jr Well you f*** up making a song with your girl you guys are going to be broken up in about 3 years and you're going to be regretting it you're rich man you can get any girl you want and you settled for that come on G-Eazy get a blondie
Isaiah Tukuvaka
Isaiah Tukuvaka Ariana Grande was next to Isaiah tukuvaka sleeps hospital longtimes ispwich send Brisbane City wakes up son rolaye Isaiah Rei tukuvaka use rolaye romieo.nova .Solomon 1992/03)07 so much ok ... many sicks on bodys runs in needed Poor's cares too help lots much VIP..words cares soldiers ears world's on yes wars all years bloods on reds lines no one's took in city's towns lords spaces ship sky's kevins wanted me..dies building my iron man spirits vs back homes zillionaire come back terrists yards red lines me romieo.nova.solomon 1992/03/07on cleavers lords spaces vs mates girls controls learning brains building lot weapons send my spaces sky ship..moon times star treks tooks down ok..romieo Solomon was sicks sleeps come home go again back go again wars world spirits Thor's wars ok..
Manshali Pandit
Manshali Pandit I'm kind of sad they went from Him & I to 'Without me'
DramaDream Better "I was his, and He was mine... But in the end was him & I"