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JAMES BOND 25: No Time To Die - Jamaica Sneak Peek (2020)
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Official James Bond 25 No Time To Die Movie Jamaica Sneak Peek 2020 | Subscribe ➤ | Daniel Craig Movie Trailer | Release: 8 Apr 2020 | More
25th entry in the legendary James Bond franchise with Daniel Craig once again playing 007.

James Bond 25 (2020) is the new action movie starring Daniel Craig, Helena Bonham Carter and Léa Seydoux.

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Samuel Powell
Samuel Powell What is that song playing? It's sick please someone tell me the name and title!
Christopher Russell
Christopher Russell I think the word "No" in "No Time To Die" is a subtle wink to the audience that most likely, Daniel Craig's final outing is virtually going to be a loose remake of the film that started it all....
Luke Graham
Luke Graham What's the name of the tune at the beginning of the teaser?
DAISY COSTELLO what happened to all that talk about Daniel Craig wanting to quit and the studio search for the new Bond (Hiddleston of course).
Now Daniel is back as Bond yet in another poor country where everything is dismal, dark and he's the only Caucasian in the entire movie. What's up with that? Casino Royale was his best Bond movie (in my opinion). The one after that was good but he's in another third world country, with crowded streets, no one speaks English, everything is dirty and rundown. His supporting actors were excellent. I'm old-school Bond....beautiful women, fabulous cities and lush backround locations, plush hotels, designer gowns and expensive jewelry. Bond in his impecable tux with his arsenal of
state-of-the-art weaponry and his gorgeous rigged cars !!! So when I see Bond in a sweaty Hellhole it's just not 007....