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In Theaters Now: Escape Room + 2019 Golden Globes Preview | Weekend Ticket - getplaypk

In Theaters Now: Escape Room + 2019 Golden Globes Preview | Weekend Ticket
Movieclips Trailers — Published 5 months ago
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Survive the puzzle. Find the clues or die. Will you see 'Escape Room' this weekend? Plus, prepare for the 2019 Golden Globes with a preview of the films in contention this awards season!
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dangeldoll WOW,
this film comes out just as there was a tragedy of 5 teen girls who got trapped in an Escape Room and Burned to death
BiosMatch Nederland
BiosMatch Nederland To be honest, this one looks better than the 2017 one.
Shaleara Fitch
Shaleara Fitch This movie was so good, I loved it
JackieViolet This movie has already been made,there were 2 couples and they go to this place where you pick the room and then are put in for a certain time,but the catch is ,there is a killer in the room,binded by a chain to the back wall,but every few minutes or whatever the chain extends,and these four end up fighting for their lives literally!! anyone heard of this,it came out before this movie,that I know,so whats the difference?!
PinkElevator Nothing pg-13 strikes me as horror.