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Making | Meet Shivani Shivaji Roy | Mardaani 2 | Rani Mukerji | In Cinemas Now
YRF — Published 1 month ago
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A gritty character. A sincere cop. That’s Shivani Shivaji Roy for you. Meet her in cinemas on 13th December.

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YRF Every beat with Uchana Amit + Badshah = #Kamaal Hai 💯:
Serje Allen
Serje Allen Who can tell me the background score of this....who sings it?
GS S Good move making her SP and transfer means next movie story..

But Mardani was better than the sequel. Third movie should give more emphasis to female cops on the team, a junior officer team which can take the film forward like the Marvel franchise started passing on to younger characters..

but that would mean SSR character would have to have a close call.. yup.. martyrdom that would make the character immortal.

mardaani 2 had some really weird study twist and turns. less of investigation.. hope it sticks to original character traits more.

Case in point in Chulbul Pandey of Dabangg. sequels dilute the character which was liked by audiences in the original, as film makers try to make a bigger version.. that's where the fault lies..

but have to say Ranis character was an extension of previous movie.. par villain Ko super slimy intelligent dikahne k chakkar mey, it cost the story somewhere. unrealistic twist and turn tha..

YRF if audience feedback is of any use, my two bit of advice would be..

keep the story bit more realistic, give more strong roles to other female leads as cops apart from Rani. both younger and older female cops will make it a stronger franchise.

PS : Mardani 3 plz don't make it preachy dilogbazi. if the script is good.. you can build the msg into the story.. that was missing in the sequel.

you guys have done a fantastic job with the franchise so far btw. kudos..

but plz stick to the basics.. no bombs plz.

real police needn't even for bullets.. it's a thankless job, where they don't even get enough ammunition against criminals who have more resources. even with lathi police can do their duty effectively..

Haan yeh aur baat hai, they are also used as political tool. that's why they have a bad name, apart from corruption image.

show the true police men who give a lot to their service.

a retired police cop, still works to find missing children.. just look at the dedication.. salute to the real policemen.
Lucifer 337
Lucifer 337 I literally kept waiting for the movie for 3 months cause this movie series is something that I would love to watch again and again and the way she acts in mardaani 1 and mardaani 2 is everything compared to the silly movies we get to see . Never stop making movies like this and also good job guys .
muskan chhikara
muskan chhikara I m preparing for upsc ....and when I saw her as an ips was so day...I WL be surely on that position with my hard work...