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Top 8 Biggest Twitter Feuds/Controversies Involving Indian Celebrities
Tried&Refused Productions. — Published 1 year ago
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Tried&Refused Productions.
Tried&Refused Productions. Upon reflecting on the case further between Abhay Deol and Sonam Kapoor. It was quite catty of Sonam to reply to Abhay's criticism of several actors endorsing fairness products with his siblings photograph proving 1. She had no defence 2. Somehow putting the blame on him for another persons decision.

Deol also acknowledged the fact that Esha's decisions is equally wrong as the several actors who advertise the stereotype that beauty is subjected to fairness.

I apologise if I came across as ignorant trying to defend Sonam in this particular instance.
00Crazy Caramel00
00Crazy Caramel00 Abhay was absolutely right !!
Aramya Jaiswal
Aramya Jaiswal O god . Are we really tolerating Amisha Patel . Girls talk of feminism and themselves take unfair and dishonest advantage . If she really had that blood flow , why would she come to the cinema then ? I am a girl and I know what period pain and bloof flow is . Stop victimising womenhood and then crying for equal treatment .
Vishwas Sharma
Vishwas Sharma Sonam kapoor is an absolute idiot , only knows fashion and fancy English chatter , no brain or conscience whatsoever...
ida yg
ida yg Deepika and abhay's one was most genuine one