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JaVale McGee doesn’t mind getting dunked on by Donovan Mitchell | NBA 2018-19 - getplaypk

JaVale McGee doesn’t mind getting dunked on by Donovan Mitchell | NBA 2018-19
ESPN — Published 5 months ago
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Los Angeles Lakers big man JaVale McGee explains that as a shot-blocker, he is not afraid to defend a jam from the 2018 NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion Donovan Mitchell.

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Fred DeSmet
Fred DeSmet These interviews will live forever on YouTube and the Internet. Maybe these players should look at themselves and ask themselves do I need to take these interviews so damage seriously? It's only freaking basketball. Sometimes it's better to laugh when you feel like crying.
BOSS SHAWN He actually plays defense and hustles his ass off. McGee is right Luke has to learn how to make in game adjustments and proper personnel substitutions.
Freddy Johnson
Freddy Johnson Lol I love how every time the Lakers lose now its because of Walton....Lonzo goes 2-8 for 3's and y'all blame Walton...Ingram still can't muscle his way in the paint so he stays playing iso ball, somehow that's also Walton's fault
Raskol Nikov
Raskol Nikov Smile a bit Javale! Come on, you're tall, you're rich, you're a generous man and... you're good at ballin'! Make things easy 4 yourself... ;) => really don't know why these lucky beings always look like they came from a burial...
RocketsBiggestFan !!!
RocketsBiggestFan !!! He need some milk