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Trump Just Wants To Be On Primetime TV
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert — Published 5 months ago
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Regularly scheduled programming gets interrupted by irregularly spoken exaggerating.

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Pablo Fernández
Pablo Fernández Yes, they cross to USA:
Pablo Fernández
Pablo Fernández More jokes of fake-Democrat PROPAGANDA!?!?
Pablo Fernández
Pablo Fernández Ah, I forgot the last Key best Demo-Communist deal, the nice IRAN deal, Iran was ALLOWED to build all kind of missiles and NUKES!, the contract only reuqired TO WAIT! 15 years!!!!?!?!?! - what a fuck! -
Pablo Fernández
Pablo Fernández Please, another great Demo-Communist JOKE! (Castro farm-Cuba was SUPPORTED too)
Pablo Fernández
Pablo Fernández Other great joke, Bill Clinton giving free & tax free access to China to USA and all their allies,... while "allowing them to do whatever they want" for the next years,China came so to WTO, with NON NEED to comply rules!