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TSP's If Directors Were Teachers
The Screen Patti — Published 8 months ago
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How do you get cast in a top Bollywood movie? How do you make Scorpios fly in an action scene? How do you get invited for coffee by the nation’s top TV show host?
Only a handful of people in the industry can answer these questions, and they are none other than Bollywood’s Famous Directors!
Contacts, Talent, Money. This influential bunch has it all, and they’re here to teach you the tricks of their trade!

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The Screen Patti
The Screen Patti Hollywood's Directors Vs humare Bollywood ke Directors. Kaun hai better?
Akhila G Krishnan
Akhila G Krishnan 👍👍😂😂😂
Faisal Ahmad Khan
Faisal Ahmad Khan Hit like for kavians...
Milan Pal
Milan Pal "Hey Guyz nahi bolunga" sun sunke pak gaya hun yaar!!
Suleman Dogar
Suleman Dogar Really anurag is best director
Always give opportunity to talented actors