Eagles vs. Bears Mic'd Up for a Devastating Conclusion! (NFC Wild Card) - getplaypk

Eagles vs. Bears Mic'd Up for a Devastating Conclusion! (NFC Wild Card)
NFL Films — Published 2 months ago
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The Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears mic'd up during the NFC Wild Card.

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Prone Czarniecki
Prone Czarniecki #DoubleDoink
Alan Uribe
Alan Uribe Coming back with the same ferociousness next season. One and done? No sir!!!! #flyeaglesfly
Paige Pellaton
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys 4:37 biggest choke in the playoffs
Daniel Hooker
Daniel Hooker Malcolm Jenkins played head games with Cody ALL NIGHT - i love it - pregame callin him out on not wanting to say hi then tryna get in his head when the first kick got iced with the T.O. and other Bears plaers had to stop him from gettin in Cody's face around 4:21 - i think Jenkins/the decision to 'ice' it had just as much to do with that miss as that dude who tipped it (im a huge eagles fan and even i cant remember his name but we had so many random dudes filling in for injury esp at DB and in turn ST's he was like a 4th string DT who prob won't play again)

honestly the excitement of the eagles run this year with Wentz out and Foles somehow winning those 4 straight must wins at places like LA, WAS (rival) and CHI with a game at home vs the Texans between (while they were amidst at 10game winning streak) - imo, statistically thats more impressive than winning the SB by beating the Falcons/Vikings and Patriots when you had homefield advantage/first round bye AND the SB felt more like a home game crowd-wise

and after winning our one and only SB last year, i could probably die happy though itd be nice to get more, esp for/with Carson but im glad i got to see it in my lifetime (im 30) fyi - but yeah, felt like playing with house money coming off a SB win - so improbable all things considered but yeah, they built the league so the winning team would have the hardest season ahead of it if it wanted to repeat and we ALMOST gamed the damn system = Alshon catches that flukey INT and we beat NO, play LA in LA where we won a must win with Foles weeks earlier then a SB with the team we beat last year against all odds - ugh, anyway still happpy for a SB season and then an exciting as hell season with a playoff win in it - ill be riding the Eagles SB buzz out for a while (unless another NFC East team wins it before we do) hahaa