[SPOTLIGHT] Eagles defeat Bears 16-15 in NFC Wild Card; Nick Foles: 266 Yds, 2 TD, 2 Int - getplaypk

[SPOTLIGHT] Eagles defeat Bears 16-15 in NFC Wild Card; Nick Foles: 266 Yds, 2 TD, 2 Int
Three-Pointers — Published 2 weeks ago
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Mike Pantelin
Mike Pantelin Karma’s a bitch! Enjoy this loss Philly/ Alshon Jeffery.
Rodney Lattany
Rodney Lattany Chicago rolled the dice and lost. Next time Chicago gets a chance to eliminate Superbowl champion's accept and embrace their destiny instead they tempted fate and arrogance proved their ignorance taunting a champion MVP proved a perilous mistake in judgment. An inexperienced coach a young inexperienced play-off football team embraced a (#1 defense title) instead of embracing an NFL Lombardi-trophy. #1 defense in a weak NFL schedule went to their heads but in reality they were unbalanced and vulnerable.
Reggie R
Reggie R I think that no catch call made the difference in this game! Still can't take away from how the Eagles closed out the game. Congrats to be Eagles and their fans
Bill W
Bill W Foles Gold
John Andrus
John Andrus Wow. The Bears fans crab about Parkey, but he scored more than half your points. One touchdown. The Eagles left more points on the table than the Bears and the Bears couldn't stop the Eagles at the end. The Eagles defense stepped up. It ain't Parkey's fault. He scored three more points than the Bears offense. Stop the Eagles and get into the end zone. A lousy kick-off and soft defense got the Bears into field goal range. They had time to get closer, but decided to toss the ball around. I like the Bears. If they would have been playing Dallas, I would have rooted for them to smack them around and beat up Elliott. Either way, no matter how, the Eagles won. Put the blame on the Bears' offense.