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Leaving Things In Champagne For A Month
Good Mythical Morning — Published 1 week ago
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We left several things in champagne for a month to ring in the new year! What happens to a strawberry when it soaks in bubbly for that long? It's time to find out!  GMM #1456

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Vampress That strawberry feeding bit is the funniest thing I have ever seen on this show and that's saying something.
Aaron Moss
Aaron Moss Anyone else felt uncomfortable with Link feeding Rhett strawberries?
Kimberly Ayala
Kimberly Ayala Champagne, cocaine, gasoline...
1 of 8 billion
1 of 8 billion 13:36 intense Hannibal flash backs
Kendal Thorbs
Kendal Thorbs Who else’s looked back when Rhett said we left links glasses in champagne I did