Rob Parker ranks NFL Playoff teams, talks Tom Brady being 'lucky' & Foles vs Wentz | NFL | THE HERD - getplaypk

Rob Parker ranks NFL Playoff teams, talks Tom Brady being 'lucky' & Foles vs Wentz | NFL | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd — Published 1 week ago
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Rob Parker joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the NFL on today's show. Hear Rob rank the 8 teams left in the NFL Playoff race, creates a list for what Tom Brady has left to accomplish and evaluates the Philadelphia Eagles' unique situation with Nick Foles and Carson Wentz.

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd
The Herd with Colin Cowherd Rams vs. Cowboys - Who will win?
pappa 52
pappa 52 Bruh this guy was wrong on 90% 😆
Ernest Kovach
Ernest Kovach Rob always wrong clown Parker again sticks foot in his big mouth...what a ditz his best team the chargers got BEAT in a your by the team and QB he jealously ranked the Worst. TOM BRADY, and the pats massacred the chargers. Parker the total village idiot.
Madu N
Madu N Rob Parker - thanks for sharing your abundance of wisdom and ranking Pats at the last. Appreciate it.
Kip Beardsley
Kip Beardsley Patriots under Bill Belichick are the best cheaters of all time. Brady's wins should come with an asterisk next to them so every one can review the foundation of cheating that these wins have be built upon. Caught time and time again doing things like secretly video taping opponents. Filming the walk thru not only during the Rams Super Bowl but Mcdaniels was caught doing the same thing when he was coaching in Denver. Secretly taping their opponents from 2001 -2007. All those defensive signals, formations and play calls... All mostly benefiting the QB. They even hired lip readers which is why every coach or coordinator to this day, has to cover his mouth when calling plays. Its a disgrace to all who enjoy football. Its a disgrace that Brady and Bellichick are even discussed next to some of the actual greatest of all time.