Scottie Pippen: There is no game where I would pick LeBron over Michael Jordan | The Jump - getplaypk

Scottie Pippen: There is no game where I would pick LeBron over Michael Jordan | The Jump
ESPN — Published 12 months ago
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On The Jump, Scottie Pippen says he never agrees with anything Isiah Thomas ever says, especially when it comes to the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate.

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Frank kwesi
Frank kwesi “Elba Kwesi Frank” is the best and “only “ Coach for LeBron James.
Víctor Gámez
Víctor Gámez Human kind did not stayed in the 80s or 90s, we evolve, athletes are better every year, people runs faster, Jump higher, we are stronger, just look around in the last 10 years we have been witness of the best of sports: Usain bolt, Roger Federer, Tom Brady, Leonel Messi, LeBron james, Lewis Hamilton. Not only sports but also cience, technology, education, medicine, why you people want to stay in the caverns?
wesley James
wesley James Wow I would agree until you started talking about LeBron like he has a good social and political philosophy. The dude is a moron at best outside of basketball. And to call anyone a goat seems like more of a satanic praise more than anything. LeBron is a piece of shit when it comes to everything off court. The company you keep says everything about who you are.
Tyler Braun Carter
Tyler Braun Carter Very intelligent comment by Scottie Pippen thats why his chemistry with Jordan is really great. Isiah still salty. I hope Pipens son will be as great as him.
Ulysses Ly
Ulysses Ly IT just cannot and does not have a unbias lens.