Lionsgate & YT Copyright Claims are out of Control! - Angry Rant - getplaypk

Lionsgate & YT Copyright Claims are out of Control! - Angry Rant
AngryJoeShow — Published 3 months ago
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Lionsgate seems to be bullying us on Youtube over the years by manually claiming our Movie Reviews & Trailer Reactions and I AM SICK OF IT! In addition, Copyright Claims are starting to get OUT OF CONTROL AGAIN on Youtube while fewer people have been paying attention since the last time. Here is the full story and my angry rant.
I'm submitting my dispute and supplementing it with this video during the dispute period.

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Brian Morales
Brian Morales Fuvk lions Gate!!
Jackster Gaming AxScp
Jackster Gaming AxScp I wish there was a better youtube like 2015-2018 in that year 2018 YOUTUBE SUCKS!
Edit 2019 youtube sucks more now
Patriot News Network
Patriot News Network Under DMCA laws, it is against the law to file a fraudulent copyright claim. However, the FCC refuses to prosecute anyone for these crimes because the victims are poor.
Games & movie Nation
Games & movie Nation A new platform needs to be built one just like YouTube but one that is fair and a system that dosent mess up as much as YouTube has already.
Dyllan Michaels-O
Dyllan Michaels-O'Shea Opinion: A view or judgment formed by ones look about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
A basic human thought, that none wants to hear or talk about now a days...its a shame....