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How Good Is Smoked Cake? - getplaypk

How Good Is Smoked Cake?
The King of Random — Published 2 months ago
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In today's video we're testing out three different desserts and seeing what results we get by baking them in a smoker.

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PickledGingerMan No biscuits
Mc PaulCommander
Mc PaulCommander Roses are red
Ketchup is too
I got a like
Wait why is it blue?
gorbashin Pellet grills work like a wood fired convection oven, so it cooks faster generally than a regular oven. Would have stuck with just apple or cherry for the pellets to keep the flavor mild.
liam the cake is supreme MOIST
Barnicle Man
Barnicle Man Nate was right about the corner pieces nobody in my family likes the corner but they can tolerate the sides so I get most of the crunchy stuff