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Most Controversial Calls of the 2018 NFL Season
Highlight Heaven — Published 6 months ago
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Note: Controversial does not necessarily mean bad calls. It means most talked about. So these calls/moments were heavily debated after they happened. Comment some more for part 2.

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Mo Zealous
Mo Zealous with all the roughing the passer calls, you have to admit only the jpp one was bullshit. all the other ones (in the vid. season had more bs) it just would have been so fucking easy to tackle without driving. just be smart.
Stephen Salach
Stephen Salach Ok that second Haden call was good though
Jacen Abbott
Jacen Abbott are we all going to ignore that the cowboys defense literally gave half the NFL CTE?
Christian Leetzow
Christian Leetzow The nfl is such bullshit now
Ivan Trevino
Ivan Trevino Bruh the Steelers are mostly in this that goes to prove how much they need help with that team and cheating 😂😂