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Most Controversial Calls of the 2018 NFL Season
Highlight Heaven — Published 3 months ago
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Note: Controversial does not necessarily mean bad calls. It means most talked about. So these calls/moments were heavily debated after they happened. Comment some more for part 2.

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Steven Kasten
Steven Kasten Lol Detroit referees for that saints vs cowboys lol
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer Can’t even watch the whole vid reminds me how impure the game is
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer Vikings fan here that roughing the passer against cousins was absurd, pitiful call they better start making it all reviewable this games going to donkey dooodoo
Jack Mullooly
Jack Mullooly Patriots getting every call? Never heard of it.
jesse Talbott
jesse Talbott Just start making replays a penalty or taking a penalty away if it's a false penalty and give coaches 2 extra challenge flags for bullshit stuff like that and we can have a more fair egagement