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Red Joan Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers
Movieclips Trailers — Published 2 weeks ago
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Check out the official Red Joan trailer starring Judi Dench! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: April 19, 2019
Starring: Alfie All...

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Martin Holland Films
Martin Holland Films "Use your heart instead of your head" typical left wing mentality.
Joshua Ehl
Joshua Ehl Perfect timing...
AimlessWanderer One day secret service comes knocking on M's door, accusing her of being a traitor. M, now retired, old and amnesiac, is helpless. Then comes the guy she always trusted and with whom she shared a bitter-sweet mother-son relationship. Bond, James Bond. He also has lost his way but both of them put up a good fight and in the process find hope and the will to live.
M + Bond, Logan style. What a missed opportunity!
Vince Carusca
Vince Carusca i thought she was dolores from harry potter
Olga Viktorivna
Olga Viktorivna "from the Academy Award winning producer of Shakespeare in love" — Harvey Weinstein?