Joel Klatt explains why Clemson DEFEAT Alabama 44-16 to win CFB National Championship | UNDISPUTED - getplaypk

Joel Klatt explains why Clemson DEFEAT Alabama 44-16 to win CFB National Championship | UNDISPUTED
MSAP Kasper TV — Published 2 months ago
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[BREAKING] oel Klatt explains why Clemson DEFEAT Alabama 44-16 to win CFB National Championship | UNDISPUTED
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kenrolltiode Typical ESPN Shannon lying about Sabin. First congrats to Clemson for kicking our rear ends in every way. Coach Sabin was ask what his greatest concerns were going into the locker room and what coach actually said at halftime was that Clemson ran some plays that other teams had run against us and that we did not practice for them and would address that at halftime among other things or basically that, he did not say at half time that Clemson had run stuff that we had not seen. That was typical Shannon lying to try to get headlines and not caring about being a person that you can actually believe to give you the truth. It has got to where their self-morals do not matter as much as a headline does to them. You are a better person than this or rather I believe you are. I do agree that Bama got manhandled by Clemson.
Jeremy Black
Jeremy Black Absolutely beautiful.
bld9696 Lawrence threw up a lot of prayer passes, and every one of them got answered. Couple that with the two interceptions and Tua's worst than reported ankle, Bama loses.
Rod Crawford
Rod Crawford Bottom line is, BAMA had a bad night! You can't make anymore out of it than that... " SABAN WILL BE ON TOP AGAIN NEXT YEAR AND THE YEAR AFTER THAT" players flock to him, because he's the best... Nothing more nothing less...🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈
Jason Twan Girton
Jason Twan Girton These Folks Don't Know Anything About Alabama's Personnel, Especially their DBs and Their Injuries or Clemson Would Have Been Favored To Win The NC...They Didn't Have Breakdowns in The Secondary, They Just Weren't Good Enough Yet to Beat a Good Team Like Clemson, Should've Lost to Georgia Too and Oklahoma would've Came Back If We Didn't Jump Out To The Huge Lead, The Whole Secondary Was To Young, To Inexperienced and Just Not Ready To Beat Another Really Talented and Way More Experienced Team That returned a Bunch of Seniors For They're Final Season Instead of Leaving for The NFL Where They Would've Been First Rd Picks...Bama Will Absolutely Be Waaaay Better Next Season, Everybody has Injuries and You Can't Make Excuses but When Your Missing Your #1 CB in a Already Weak, Young, Inexperienced Secondary and Your Top 3 Pass Rushers Miller, Lewis, Allen are Out Injured For The Season No Matter What, It Makes a Huge Difference, Bama Lost All 6 Starting DBs, Even Bama Can't Replace Minkah Fitzpatrick (#1 DB in The Country), Anthony Avert, Levi Wallace The #1 CB (1st Team SEC & All-American) Ronnie Harrison (1st-Team SEC), Tony Brown, Hootie Jones, and Replace Them with 3 True Freshman Couple Sophs that Had No Playing Experience, and Then Lose Diggs the #1 DB that actually had some game experience from 2017 to Injury early in the Season, Most Those Guys Are Starting in The NFL as Rookies, It's Not an Excuse It's Just Facts, and It's Absolutely Part Of The Game, But Just Don't Get It Twisted, Bama isn't Going Anywhere But UP...Will Be Soooo Much Better in 2019, Baring Big Injuries Again, The 5 Star DBs having a Season Under Their Belts and Of Course The #1 Recruiting Class Again, We've Got 5 Star Guys Nobody's Even Seen Yet That Redshirted or That Only Played Some Special Teams...#JustWait...Lol But No Matter What Happens With Alabama I GUARANTEE That Clemson Loses AT LEAST 1-2 Regular Season Games Next Season....I've Heard This Bama Dynasty Is Over Any Year They Don't Win a NC, They Only Went 14-1 and Won an SEC Championship in Their Rebuilding Year...😆..They're Slipping Bad..!!! LOL...Bama Has to Play To a Perfection Level Every Year, Everybody Else is Trying To Play To Bama's Level Every Year...Remember This and Get With Me in January 2019....#BET 🏆💍