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How James Harden Is Exploiting The NBA Part 1 - getplaypk

How James Harden Is Exploiting The NBA Part 1
BBALLBREAKDOWN — Published 5 months ago
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There are very few players as polarizing as James Harden, primarily the way he draws fouls. Coach Nick breaks down his tremendous skill, and is then joined by Ronnie Nunn (NBA referee for 19 years, Head Of Officials for 5 years, and Director Of Development for 3 more) to discuss how he draws fouls going to the basket and how far he's pushing the boundaries of the rules.
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ROEDI DIMAKILING I am never fan of an MVP who does not carry his in a playoff/championship stage.curry,harden?
Nanci Wach
Nanci Wach The Show looks great...Nanci
Nanci Wach
Nanci Wach Hey Ronnie...what do you think the NBA should do about the three point line????
brucemercer Harden uses his KNOWLEDGE of the Rules to EXPLOIT the IGNORANCE of the Rules fond EVERYWHERE in the game. The only people who consistently understand the rules the way Harden does are the Referees. No other player has so successfully studied the RULES to gain the totally LEGAL Advantages Harden has and until the rest of the leagues players choose KNOWLEDGE over IGNORANCE Harden will continue to exploit his hard earned MENTAL Advantage over the rest of the League.
Chris Valdez
Chris Valdez For those of you that didn’t come for this guys drawn out intro, the video starts at 2:40