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How James Harden Is Exploiting The NBA Part 1
BBALLBREAKDOWN — Published 6 days ago
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There are very few players as polarizing as James Harden, primarily the way he draws fouls. Coach Nick breaks down his tremendous skill, and is then joined by Ronnie Nunn (NBA referee for 19 years, Head Of Officials for 5 years, and Director Of Development for 3 more) to discuss how he draws fouls going to the basket and how far he's pushing the boundaries of the rules.
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Gabriel El Leon
Gabriel El Leon Haters! He would be just as good. He can score and finish regardless
ddhardial What's the point of this video? I don't get it. I'm more confused.
The One and Only
The One and Only They don't call weak fouls in the playoffs. Dude will never win a chip.
Heyward9 Is it safe to say that anyone who’s watched this channel by now knows who Ronnie nunn is?
Take the Red Pill
Take the Red Pill This old news...he was doing this when he was the only all star..much like Steph was already doing it before KD.