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Gone Kesh - Official Trailer | Shweta Tripathi, Jeetu & Qasim Khallow
Zee Music Company — Published 2 months ago
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A middle class girl, 16 gets Diagnosed with Alopecia, a condition where one starts to loose hair from the scalp. Though at the age of 19, she finds a temporary solution to Alopecia, it steals precious years of her youth, dwarfs her ambition and wrecks havoc on her life. Based in the heartlands of India, the story explores different human emotions in a light hearted manner.

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A Dhir...

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ThePriya0701 Where is this movie available to watch
Bhakta Pada Das
Bhakta Pada Das Jeetu fans like here
SUYASH BTW Whi came here after watching kota factory
samatha chiu
samatha chiu What a movie unfortunately India audience dont like these kind of movies their like stoy2 type so production have no choice their have to make though type movie. V cant blame them
Jack Spykar~NP
Jack Spykar~NP Alopecia is not a disease. Its a temporary issue which can be cured by not taking too much of mental stress and avoiding physical activities that causes excess sweat (there isnt really any medicine that can guarantee curing of this issue). A large number of men go through this commonly on their beard area. You dont have to worry much on this type of conditions.