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Gone Kesh - Official Trailer | Shweta Tripathi, Jeetu & Qasim Khallow
Zee Music Company — Published 1 week ago
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A middle class girl, 16 gets Diagnosed with Alopecia, a condition where one starts to loose hair from the scalp. Though at the age of 19, she finds a temporary solution to Alopecia, it steals precious years of her youth, dwarfs her ambition and wrecks havoc on her life. Based in the heartlands of India, the story explores different human emotions in a light hearted manner.

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S chowdhury
S chowdhury I also had alopecia areata just before my marriage. 50-60 % of my hair was gone. I didn't know how to hide those bold spots. That phase of my life was like a nightmare. But thankfully my hair grew back. A removed most of the allergy causing and inflammatory foods (eggs, gluten, soy, milk, sugar) from my diet for 2 years and gradually I recovered. If u have alopecia areata and nothing is working in favour then try this diet for a few months. It's hard but worth trying.
Patel Kavi
Patel Kavi I can feel her pain ....because I m also suffering from this disease.... but thanks to god due to some medicine I m recovering gradually.....
Rag Time Rage
Rag Time Rage Mirzapur!!
What nobody shows
What nobody shows I had PCOD and suffered from hairloss where I would lose about 300-400 hair strands each day and it affected me so badly. I am just 16 and was afraid I will lose all my hair by the time I become an Adult. My problem is nothing as compared to her yet I was so disheartened. I could control my hair fall to some extent but I can understand how bad it feels . Thanks for making a movie like this because when I was losing chunks of hair all I wanted to see or talk to someone with whom I could relate
NIRAJ PRASAD Jeetu bhi hai