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Film Theory: What is Disney's Body Count?
The Film Theorists — Published 3 months ago
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Disney isn't quite the creator of happy magical movies we think it is. In fact, Disney makes some of the most DANGEROUS movies out there. At ...

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Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia 9:55 enter donald saying hail hitler
Panda Licks2237
Panda Licks2237 But... Marshmallow didn't die... he was in an after-credits scene where he found Elsa's old crown... so that would make 32 deaths, not 33..... Am I just being nit-picky?
KattsWorld That film theory intro thing- c h I l l s
dragon slayer
dragon slayer I think number 1 is dinosaur or lion king
dubstep 23
dubstep 23 Does all dogs go to heaven count